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In order to create a community of STEM educators, we would LOVE to hear your comments and reactions to the different STEM issues that are posted on our blog.

Replying to blog posts is the easiest way to participate: just click Comments under each post!

IF you would like to write a Blog post to share on The STEM Blog, please contact Sara at ssilvers@EmpireSTEM-FL.

If you have an issue of interest or an event that you would like to create a new post for, just email us at!

Still not sure about the whole “blogging thing”?  Check out this short video from Common Craft to see how easy (and powerful!) blogging can be!

3 Responses to How to Participate

  1. Good Day STEM Educators and Advocates! We are contacting you because we have been affiliated with your STEM Hub before and want to re-connect for an event that we are planning for January 2015. Students have begun working on Innovations focused problems & solutions in the STEM fields this Fall in during our ‘Engineering Issue Inquiry’ project. These students are very excited & interested in showcasing their findings on how these innovations impact our lives. Our call out to your organization is to determine whether you would like to ‘speak’ at our Performing Arts Center, STEM Innovations Fair and share your passion for this work with students at a young age (6-8th grade STEM students) as well as, the business and family communities here in Greece. Please let us know if you are available to talk about your work in the Upstate Region and further inspire young people to pursue STEM Careers.

  2. See the event that gathered 800 students, parents, and community members. STEM was the focus and our 250 students were the exhibitors.

  3. Linda Wojciechowski says:

    Jon – what a great article in the D & C last week, highlighting this terrific program. I hope that you are successful in recruiting folks to volunteer and work with you to get this program up and running again.

    When you have people ready to visit schools, how can a school host a visit and participate in the program? We at Saint Joseph School in Penfield are making a big push to integrate more STEM learning in the classrooms, but could certainly use and benefit from your expertise and experience with this initiative. As a small Catholic school, we constantly struggle to deal with the rising costs of new technology and new programming in our classrooms. Should you be able to help us and place some volunteers in our classrooms, we would be most grateful!

    Your program sounds like a great fit for us, and I’d love to continue to be in contact with you about it. Thanks for any help you can give to our school!


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