Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators

December 27, 2011

Are you a teacher, or do you know an outstanding teacher, who uses innovative approaches to teach about environmental education? The Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators (PIAEE) recognizes outstanding kindergarten through grade 12 teachers who apply innovative approaches to environmental education and use the environment as a context for exploratory and integrated learning.

As discussed in the “America’s Great Outdoors: A Promise to Future Generations” report, in order to make environmental stewardship and conservation relevant to young Americans, environmental and place-based, experiential learning must be integrated into school curricula and facilities across the country.

This program recognizes outstanding kindergarten through grade 12 teachers who employ innovative approaches to environmental education and use the environment as a context for learning for their students.

“This awards program will highlight and encourage innovative ways to getter integrate environmental issues into our young people’s everyday learning experiences—helping to turn environmental education into environmental action,” said EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe.

Two teachers from each of EPA’s 10 regional offices will be selected to receive this award.  Visit EPA’s teacher award website at

Applications for the PIAEE are due on January 31, 2012.


November 16, 2009


First Place 2009: University Laboratory High School, Urbana, IL

ExploraVision is a science competition program which encourages K–12 students of all interest. Students who enter the competition will have the opportunity to explore a vision of future technology by combining their imaginations with the tools of science. All inventions and innovations result from creative thinking and problem solving. That’s what ExploraVision is all about.

This is a great program because it can help students who are not high achievers become interested in science and technology. It is a great way for students to learn how to work collaboratively as a group for a project. ExploraVision can be the beginning of a lifelong adventure in science, students should be learning while having fun!

More Details on Eligibility and Prizes

Math Competitions

March 4, 2009


Today is World Math Day.  Kids around the world are competing with each other to win prizes.  To know more about it go to  If you or your students didn’t get to participate this year, put it on your calendar for next year!

Also, this Friday is the AMATYC Student Mathematics League Competition for Monroe Community College (MCC) students. This is Round 2 of the competition.  Two Year Colleges around the nation could have theirs between February 13 and March 7.  MCC student Bozhong Kang came in second and an MCC team came in fourth last year.  Way to go MCC!

Next week is the NYS-MATYC Competition for MCC students which happen to have the top spot for the state!  Prizes will be distributed at the NYSMATYC Annual Conference in Suffern, NY on April 5, 2008.  It’s probably not a coincidence that April is Mathematics Awareness Month.

Students go for it and enjoy your prizes!