Innovation is an important part of STEM education

July 3, 2012

Scott Knaub

I’m a member of STEM Hub’s Board of Champions and thrilled to be affiliated with this network of people who are collaborating to increase awareness about STEM disciplines. As the Area Vice President of Operations at Time Warner Cable of Western New York, my connection to STEM may not be an obvious one. STEM is actually a priority of ours at Time Warner Cable. A few years ago we launched Connect A Million Minds which is an initiative that strives to build awareness and excitement around STEM skills with the goal of inspiring the next generation of problem solvers by connecting them to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math.

Innovation is also an important piece of our mission, and we pride ourselves on offering advanced and innovative technology, products and services to our customers that improve their lives as well as the way they receive information and entertainment. Innovation is essential in business and it’s critical that our students receive the best possible education to prepare them for future careers where innovation and STEM skills will be necessary to develop the products, services and advancements that are still waiting to be discovered.

There’s nothing more impressive than when businesses, communities and educators rally around one cause and I’m looking forward to the progress we make as it’s sure to deliver positive results.

Scott Knaub is Area Vice President of Operations for Time Warner Cable of Western New York and a member of the Finger Lakes STEM Hub Board of Champions.