Urgent Need for Volunteers – please share!


Earlier this fall we wrote about why STEM Education was important, and how you could help.  See the full article here.

Rochester Engineering Society’s Volunteer Coordinator Jon Kriegel has many opportunities in our classrooms that are looking for volunteers, and his focus this fall is identifying new volunteers and getting them matched up with area projects.

An informational meeting for anyone interested in volunteering will be held on November 5th at 7:00 PM at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

This meeting is open to the public, and anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to attend.

If you are able to attend, please register so that we can make sure we have enough space and materials:  Click here to register.


Who should attend?

  • Retired Engineers
  • Engineers who work B or C shift
  • Volunteers whose employer supports community involvement during the day
  • Anyone with a STEM background that has time during the school day

What kind of Volunteer Opportunities are available?

Please share this meeting announcement.  The more potential volunteers we can connect with, the better!

For more information on this program, please call RES Volunteer Coordinator Jon Kriegel at (585) 281-5216.


6 Responses to Urgent Need for Volunteers – please share!

  1. Donald Murphy says:

    This is great news! I have been a Technology/Engineering teacher in the RCSD for 32 years (and counting), a former PLTW teacher (the program is no longer offered in the RCSD) and currently have been returned to the “new” Edison to try and rebuild the school on it’s CTE foundations. It is a daunting task. I am also taking over the Team 73 FIRST Robotics team leader position and am currently trying to raise interest with students to rebuild the tram as well. Typical of the RCSD I’m faced with bright students who were placed without really doing any preparation to determine their interests or knowledge of engineering related subjects, and my lab is woefully underfunded and under equipped or equipped with broken or outdated materials. I currently teach the Robotics, Principles of Engineering and Design and Drawing for Production classes as well. So in a nutshell, I can use all the help I can get! It would be wonderful to have guest speakers but more importantly, technical volunteers to help with the FIRST Team! I can be reached at Donald.Murphy@rcsdk12.org, or Mrollingthunder@cs.com. 585-705-7566 or swing by Room 3c16 at Edison! Don Murphy I’ll try to be there.

  2. Liz Dunne says:

    I am also a teacher with the RCSD and my school is always looking for experts who are willing to come in and connect classroom content with real world work. It would be fantastic to do collaborations with professionals who can bring ideas for project based learning to our classrooms and work with our students on those projects. Would love to be able to connect and see how we can integrate real world STEM into our classrooms. I’m at Integrated Arts & Technology High School @the Franklin campus. Can be reached at elizabeth.dunne@rcsdk12.org

    Email is always more expedient than any other form of communication.

  3. Glen Pearson says:

    I saw your article this morning. I am the Regional Director for FIRST in Upstate NY. I would be glad to meet with you to talk more about FIRST and how you and others could volunteer. Glen Pearson, gpearson@usfirst.org

  4. Glen Pearson says:

    Anyone interested in volunteering to work at one of our local FIRST robotics event should register at, http://www.usfirst.org/communityvolunteers. You can choose the event, time availability and the what you would like to do. We have three local events, FLL Championship at U of Rochester, Dec 6, FTC Qualifier at SJFC, Dec 19 and the FRC Regional at RIT, March 24-26, 2016.

  5. Linda Wojciechowski says:

    What a great article in the D & C last week, highlighting this terrific program. I hope that you are successful in recruiting folks to volunteer and work with you to get this program up and running again.

    When you have people ready to visit schools, how can a school host a visit and participate in the program? We at Saint Joseph School in Penfield are making a big push to integrate more STEM learning in the classrooms, but could certainly use and benefit from your expertise and experience with this initiative. As a small Catholic school, we constantly struggle to deal with the rising costs of new technology and new programming in our classrooms. Should you be able to help us and place some volunteers in our classrooms, we would be most grateful!

    Your program sounds like a great fit for us, and I’d love to continue to be in contact with you about it. Thanks for any help you can give to our school! 585-752-1463


    • Murphy, Donald F says:

      Jon has been an absolute lifesaver offering help and support for out Tech program and Robotics program at Edison. Volunteers with the knowledge and expertise that Jon has are a rare find and we hope Jon continues to share his expertise with us for many years to come!

      Don Murphy

      Edison Tech.

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