Natural Disaster Education – Resources to Help

March 24, 2011

On the afternoon of March 10, 2011, a massive 8.9 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. 

In addition to the devastation caused by the earthquake, a tsunami was unleashed, racing across coastal Japan and radiating out through the Pacific Ocean. 

In the wake of such a catastrophic event, it is very important for students of all ages to understand the cause of such a disaster and the effects on human life and property.  It is important that students see how people in their communities, their country and all over the globe are affected by catastrophic events such as the Tsunami is Japan, the Haitian Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, etc.     

There are many resources on the internet for teachers and parents seeking to help educate their students about natural disasters and their aftermath. 

Here are some we recommend:

FEMA for Kids – Learn about the different kinds of disasters, how to prepare and stay safe, and how to become a Disaster Action Kid.

NEOK12 – Kids science videos, lessons, quizzes and games for K-12 grade school kids that make learning fun and interesting.

Discovery EducationReady Classroom will provide elementary and middle school teachers with resources to integrate natural disaster preparedness information into their curriculum.

 PBS Teachers – Lesson plans, videos, and interactive games to provide teachers with resources on teaching about different Natural Disasters.