The Space Station from Rochester…

March 30, 2009
Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Last Friday night, even with some cloud coverage in the sky, Joe Ricci of the Strasenburgh Planetarium pointed out the International Space Station and STS-119 Space Shuttle Discovery in the Northwestern Rochester sky.

Try again tonight at 8:49 pm. The station should be elevated to 63 degrees, one of the highest angles it can be seen in the Rochester sky. For future sightings, visit the Human Space Flight Sightings website and enter your state and city.

The crew began their journey on Thursday March 26th blasting off from Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz rocket. Docking with the International Space Station at 9:14 am Saturday March 28th, Expedition 19’s mission is to resupply the Space Station with resources and crew members.

Expedition 19 is expected to return to Earth on October 11th after spending 6 months at the International Space Station.