April 7, 2009


GIS stands for Geographic Information Sharing; SIG stands for Special Interest Group…

This educational group’s primary mission is to foster the understanding of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology.

The group is gearing up for their 18th Annual Spatial/Digital Mapping Conference;  a professional forum in the Rochester – Genesee Finger Lakes region for GIS education, data sharing, communication and networking with other local, state and national users.

The morning keynote speaker, Geoff Zeiss is the Director of Autodesk Geospatial Technology. His presentation, entitled: “The Convergence of BIM, CAD, GIS, and 3D Simulation: Implications for Government” will explore new technologies that provide a seamless view of buildings and infrastructure. 

The afternoon keynote address will be co-presented by Jonathan Cobb of Waypoint Technology Group, LLC, and Austin Fisher, Vice President of Fountains Spatial, Inc. They will be presenting “Geospatial Mercenaries: The Balkans and Beyond“.

Check out the GIS/SIG website for more information on this exciting event!