Quality Counts 2009

January 21, 2009

Scoring above the national “C” average, is New York State with a “B” in selected educational policies and practices. Education Week has provided an indepth state-by-state look into America’s schools. Their findings are based on research conducted by the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center’s annual state policy survey.


The research center has chosen to split the survey into two parts, each is conducted every other year. This year’s survey focused on:

  1. Chance for Success
    • Assesses “the role education plays as a person moves from childhood, through the formal K-12 school system, and into the workforce”
  2. Transitions and Alignment
    • Determines “how well the states smooth the transition through the educational pipeline, including early-childhood education, college readiness, and the economy and workforce”
  3. School funding and finance equity
    • “Analyzes school spending patterns and how equitably that funding is distributed among districts within each state”

The results for the other three areas listed above (The teaching profession, K-12 Achievement, and Assessment & Accountability) are supported by research carried out in previous years.

How do these scores influence your teaching practices, and to what degree do they reflect the policies in your school? We would love to hear how this report card compares with your experiences.