Industry Tour Series: Renewable Rochester

Welcome back to our STEM Series:  Summer Teaching Institute Industry Tours.  In this series we are highlighting the local industries that welcomed our Summer Institute participants this summer.  Read more about the Summer Institute here.   This installment focuses on Renewable Rochester.


Renewable Rochester is a local business that provides solar energy for businesses, private homes, farms and schools.  It’s building complex in Webster is powered by hundreds of solar panels.  The building complex also includes “Vital Signs” and “Scott’s Auto Fix-It” that reap the rewards of the solar panels.  Scott (of Scott’s Fix-It) has seen approximately 50% reduction in their large electric bill.

The Renewable Energy Trailer.  Part of Renewable Rochester’s solar schools program

The Renewable Energy Trailer. Part of Renewable Rochester’s solar schools program

Renewable Rochester also provides portable solar energy kits of varying sizes for classrooms. They are also working with BOCES to create kits that can be loaned out to participating districts. Solar products are on hand and can also be custom designed according to need.  Real time solar data is available on their website.

Educators interested in more information about Renewable Rochester and the programs they offer can visit their website, contact Shawn Lessord by email, or call the office at 585-671-1301

Patti Saucke is a teacher at Churchville Chili Central School District.   She participated in the Summer STEM Teaching Institute offered by the Finger Lakes STEM Hub.


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