Imagine RIT this weekend!

Imagine RIT

Come explore the many hands-on demonstrations at Imagine RIT!

Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival is a campus-wide event held at the Rochester Institute of Technology that showcases the innovative and creative spirit of RIT students, faculty and staff. Visitors can experience the depth of RIT through interactive presentations, hands-on demonstrations, exhibitions, and research projects set up throughout the RIT campus. With inflatables, games and multiple performance stages with live music and entertainment, visitors of all ages will be amazed at all that Imagine RIT has to offer. In its seventh year, Imagine RIT is the kickoff to Rochester’s rich festival season.

“The festival’s mission goes beyond showcasing the thriving RIT campus. We see it as a call to national service. Innovation is one of our country’s last competitive advantages. Young Americans want to walk to the beat of their own drummer, and their desire to be different is an innate American characteristic. At RIT, we help students channel that passion in constructive ways and foster the United States’ leadership in technical innovation and creative ideas for new products and services.”
– RIT President, Bill Destler

The first Imagine RIT festival launched in 2008, drawing in more than 15,000 visitors to the RIT campus to see more than 300 interactive exhibits and displays. Now in the festival’s seventh year, Imagine RIT draws in more than 35,000 people to RIT each May to see exhibits and exciting new displays of the university’s unique talent to innovate and create. The Imagine RIT festival is a result of what happens when the right and left brain collide. With innovation and creativity being integral components of this extraordinary festival, each year the festival just seems to get bigger and better.

See the robotic s'more maker in action!

See the robotic s’more maker in action!

Hungry for innovation? The MFET Senior Design class here at RIT has created a fully automated, user interactive work-cell capable of manufacturing and assembling the delicious campfire treat known as the s’more! Consisting of robotic arms, conveyer belts, pneumatic systems, and sensors, visitors at Imagine RIT will be able to view and fully customize their s’more experience via a touch screen menu. Check out this video clip to see the robotic s’more machine in action!
Exhibitors from the MFET Senior Design team include: Josh Depot, Cory Deacon, Chung-Wei Chan, Dominic Fioretti, Patrick Adams, Scott Baxter, Nicholas Newland, Duane Beck, Erin Haier, Cody Farr, Anna Lorette, Michael Hymann, and SunWoo Ji.

The festival is held this Saturday, May 3 from 10-5.  Please visit the event page for directions and parking instructions. The festival has it’s own blog as well, if you want further updates.

John Horton is an Imagine RIT Co-op.  He graduated from RIT in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. His future aspirations are to continue his education and to travel.

Imagine RIT 2

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