What Is STEM? A Video…

John Frontuto

A few months ago I didn’t even know what STEM stood for. There I was sitting in a meeting trying to get my hands around what this organization does and create a video for them. Imagine my surprise when Daren, our videographer, and I go out and interview elementary kids who know exactly what it is. I thought it might be fun to see them guessing what exactly STEM stands for. No such luck. I had to find some adult college students before I could stump anyone. I met a retired Kodak worker sitting at a table surrounded by rocks. He enjoyed hiking and wanted to be able to identify what he found in the wild. I met a young woman from Ethiopia who wanted become a doctor. She and her brother as small children dreamt of finding a cure for AIDS. I met a 11 year old, with the coolest mohawk hairdo, who with his fellow classmates, was working on a project involving the good that skate parks in inner-city neighborhoods could do. I also met an 8 year old who knew he was going to grow up to become an engineer because he loved his Legos.
We tried to capture some of their and our excitement in the video for Stem Hub launch. Hope you enjoy it. I’m just glad I got to meet a ¬†bunch of amazing people to explain to me what STEM stands for.
What Is STEM?…A Video

John Frontuto and Daren Hammond are part of the Video Production Unit for the Public Safety Training Center at Monroe Community College and a member of the Community Awareness and Involvement Working Group of the Finger Lakes STEM Hub.

2 Responses to What Is STEM? A Video…

  1. Sara says:

    I think you did wonderful job with this video, John! It truly captures the excitement and potential of STEM learning at all ages. Thank you so much.

  2. Laurel says:

    Great Job!

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