Earth Day 2011 Websites for Teachers


At the request of a reader of The STEM Blog, we have compiled a list of educational websites with Earth Day activities for teachers.

We hope you find these links useful – if your class does an Earth Day activity derived from this list please send a photo and brief description to and we’ll happily put you on the Blog! Has a list of projects and requests for projects submitted by a variety of individuals. The dates that the projects were submitted are listed as well. List includes all levels. It’s the 40th Anniversary of the holiday and this site has crafts, coloring pages and activities.  Celebrate Earth Day with free online games for kids, Earth Day puzzles, crafts and coloring pages. Colorful graphics and lots to explore for younger children.  Lessons, printables, and references are provided as well as fun hands-on activities for science and art, K-12. North American Association for Environmental Education provides a list of curriculum, resources, and ways to celebrate Earth Day. This site includes information about Earth Day and  activities (including online jig-saw puzzles, poems and a variety of word games). A variety of crafts for pre-school, kindergarten and elementary students. The EPA has a coloring book that can be downloaded as well as a document entitled ABC’s of Environmental Education. This site refers to Region 5 which includes the Great Lakes, but not New York State. Articles, crafts, activities, poems and reading materials are included in this site.  Worksheets, lesson plans and activities for kids (including materials in Spanish).

2 Responses to Earth Day 2011 Websites for Teachers

  1. ProfBob says:

    About a year and a half ago Science Daily noted that overpopulation was the biggest threat to our world. Global warming was second. Obviously overpopulation increases the use of the irreplaceable natural resources; increases the waste and pollutants that affect our air, water and land; reduces the amount of water for drinking and farming; reduces the amount of arable land available for each person; increases famines and poverty; and increases illegal immigration to escape these problems. Uninformed people criticize Malthus, but what he said is true. His Britain is a net importer of food today. For skeptics, rather than saying that the facts are not true and hoping you are right, it would be wise to look at the evidence and criticize it with evidence rather than with hope. I suggest that you read Book 1, especially the sections on skeptics, in “In Search of Utopia” at It is authoritative, documented, and free.

  2. xploder says:

    It is an amazing and great informative blog… I really love to read some more! – xploder

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