Meet Mr. Scott Krebbeks – Finalist for 2010 Excellence in STEM Teaching Award

October 1, 2010


Scott Krebbeks, 2010 Excellence in STEM Teaching Award Finalist


The Rochester Area Colleges Center for Excellence in Math and Science is pleased to introduce Mr. Scott Krebbeks – a  seventh grade science teacher at Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School – as a finalist for the 2010 Excellence in STEM Teaching Award.

This award is given annually to recognize effective, engaging, and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) teaching in grades K-12 in Monroe and nine surrounding counties.

Mr. Krebbeks is dedicated to technology integration and teaching science with a problem solving approach to learning. For example, Krebbeks developed a STEM skill-based activity, called “Tree Identification Geocache,”  for his 7th grade science students. In this activity, students use GPS receivers, tree identification field guides, and teacher-created clues to locate a number of indigenous tree species on school grounds. After identifying each tree, students use laptops to view a Google Earth tour that Krebbeks created to check the accuracy of their answers.

Said Krebbeks: “Aside from being quite enjoyable and motivating for students, this activity allows them to use a combination of technology and traditional tools to complete a task.  Students had to rely on the GPS receiver to get them close to the trees, but had to use clues and deductive thinking skills to determine which tree was the correct one to identify.”

Krebbeks continued, “For the identification portion, students had to use a traditional tool, a field guide, and its taxonomic key to properly identify each tree.  Finally, using Google Earth to check their answers gave a ’sense of pride’ to the activity and put things in perspective.”

This kind of interactive instruction exemplifies what Honeoye Falls Lima Middle School Principal, Shawn Williams, wrote about Krebbeks in his recommendation letter. ”On a daily basis, Scott brings science concepts alive through the use of technology and creative hands on activities.  Scott is a master planner who develops lessons that require students to explore cooperatively.  He expects that they will do most of the thinking and doing.”

Mr. Krebbeks was a 6th grade teacher for 14 years and taught all subjects, but he always had a passion for science.  After some additional coursework to earn his 7-12 Biology certification, Krebbeks interviewed and received his current science position at HF-L Middle School, where he’s been teaching for the past four years.  Krebbeks enjoys watching students bring a sense of wonder to the classroom and hopes that his passion for science becomes contagious.

Congratulations to Scott Krebbeks and the other four finalists: Robert Hollwedel, Andy Maillet, Laura Westerman and Robin Hill.

Visit the Rochester Area College’s Center for Excellence in Math and Science’s website to view finalist’s activities.

Article by RACCEMS’s Graduate Assistant Katie Monroe at