Be The Dinosaur

January 20, 2010

Be the Dinosaur: Life in the Cretaceous is coming to the Rochester Museum and Science center February 5, 2010 through May 4, 2010. Part of the exhibit includes a state-of-the-art Be the Dinosaur™ Simulator Pod where visitors can become a dinosaur exploring the environment and learning what food different dinosaurs ate, where they found it, and how they survived. Along the way, students will learn about their environment, the plants, animals and insects that share it, and the relationships among them in an accurate, hands-on interactive world.  Back in the dinosaur world, they will explore the mysteries and theories of dinosaur behavior, find and communicate with others in their herd, cooperate in defense, use their sense of smell to find food and other animals, and more. This highly interactive event gives a new venue to students to learn about the dinosaurs