Passionate STEM Teachers Make All The Difference

Everyone knows that an enthusiastic teacher can make all the difference in STEM teaching. Students who in the past may have disliked science can find themselves loving the subject. As I look fondly back on my high school experience one such teacher stands out as one who embodies wonderful STEM teaching. Dick Hendrick has been teaching science at Nazareth Academy High School since 1977. I had the privilege of taking physics and AP physics with him and the passion for the subject came through in every class. Behind the chalk board in his classroom was an assortment of plain looking items that he would use to explain the phenomena’s we were studying in class. Every year you could tell who was taking physics because the notorious toothpick towers would start appearing in their lockers. Not only did these towers have to meet a height and weight requirement, but they had to be strong enough to hold a softball for a certain period of time. His many projects throughout the academic year, though stress inducing, were a helpful tool in teaching physics. Many students believe that physics is one of the harder sciences to take but Dick Hendrick shows such a love for it that he makes every class fun and interesting, and even the most cynical student can’t help learning something. Rochester is privileged to have such a passionate STEM teacher and I hope that he keeps teaching for many years to come!

Carol Turo

Student Assistant


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