Oxford Math Professor Backs Web Games to Teach Kids

November 30, 2009


Do you know that internet games can boost children’s interest in mathematics? Says a professor from Oxford University who uses dance to prove theorems. Marcus du Sautoy says that there is a real crisis in maths education in English secondary schools. He says that children tend to lose interest and become bored easily when learning Mathematics.

A number of schools in London and Tennessee in the United States are trying out the website, which include a game called “save or dumb missile” where children can enter coordinates on a graph to ami a missile at an asteroid for the Earth. The depth of the mathematics can be embedded in the games, which students have to do the maths in order to get high scores.

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White House Begins Campaign to Promote Science and Math Education

November 30, 2009

The white house is starting a campaign to promote Science and Math education by recruiting Elmo and Big Bird, video game programmers, and thousands of scientists. President Obama announced on Monday to encourage companies and nonprofit organizations to spend money, time and effort to help students in middle and high school pursue science, technology, engineering, and math.

The campaign is called Educate to Innovate, will focuses on activities outside the classroom. Science and engineering societies promise to provide volunteers to work with students in the classroom in order to culminate in a National Lan Day in May. Another part of the campaign also includes a two-year focus on the television show “Sesame Street”, and a website http://connectamillionminds.com/ which was set up by Time Warner Cable. This website provides a searchable directory of local science activities.

It is essential to get children involved in exploring the cool side of science and math. I believe that this campaign will have a positive impact on children. Children learn the best when they are having fun. By incorporating all the fun activities into learning, children will become innovative from participating in different science activities.

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