A Great Resource for Rochester Parents

November 19, 2009

Kids Out and About

The Website KidsOutandAbout.com is a great resource for any parent looking for some fun and educational ideas for their child. The website has an extensive events calendar that is sure to have something for every family. It also has a list of places to take your children which includes a list of the top twenty places to take your kids as well as a master list for the Rochester area, seasonal activities, and kid friendly shops and restaurants. Another resource is the Classes and Camps section which lists extracurricular and summer programs including science programs. You can also sign up for their weekly newsletter which lists and reviews local events and activities. This is without a doubt an valuable resource for parents who want to explore new activities with their children that are both educational and entertaining. Be sure to take a look at their website for some great ideas! http://rochester.kidsoutandabout.com/