3rd Annual Rochester Educator Collaboration Event

After months and weeks of preparation, the 3rd Annual Rochester Educator Collaboration Event finally arrived! On October 6th, 2009 more than 120 educators from the Rochester area bright eyed and bushy tailed at the Rochester Science Museum to begin a day of workshops and discussions to help improve math and science learning from grades kindergarten up through college.

The day started out with breakfast and keynote speaker speech by Dr. Jim Stigler. Then, the educators broke off into 3 different tracks (A, B, and C) to start their workshops. Track A was on lesson study, Track B on culture of collaboration, and Track C on professional learning communities. There were also plenty of vendors at the this event that featured everything from textbooks, to graduate school programs, to laboratory equipment and materials. My favorite is still the skull with the removable top and mobile jaw.

The recognition luncheon not only offered great food, but it also announced the winner of the Excellence in STEM Teaching Award. Finally, the networking at the end of the day offered everyone to reflect on what they had learned in their tracks that day. We look forward to hosting this even again next year and hope to see you all again!


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