Congratulations David Ebersole!

david ebersole

Congratulations to David Ebersole, one of the finalists of the 2009 Excellence in STEM Teaching Award! He teaches Science at Athena Middle School in Greece and has been a teacher for 19 years. Using creative interactions with his students, David turns science into a classroom activity and a group learning experience. On October 6th, 2009, there will be a recognition luncheon for David Ebersole and the two other finalists at our Third Annual Rochester Educator Collaboration Event.

The STEM Award honors David’s activity of teaching student how two systems (respiratory and circulatory) worked together in order to help them understand the ILSPET exam.

The activity is set up in a large room (either a gym or classroom), using colored tape, diagrams, and objects to represent arteries, veins, lungs, heart as well as oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules. Students need to walk the path of a red blood cell as it travels through the lungs to pick up oxygen and drop of carbon dioxide, to the heart, through arteries, then veins, and back. This activity can be made as simple or as complex as needed based on the grade level.

At the end of Mr Ebersole’s activities, his students were not only able to show a better understanding of body systems, they also had fun and enjoyed class. Because this activity can be used at a variety of grade levels, it’s an extremely useful tool for any teacher looking for creative ways to help their students understand a topic.

Once again we would like to congratulate David Ebersole for winning the first round of the Excellence in STEM Teaching Award!


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