Changing Old Fryer Oil to Biodiesel Fuel @ Nazareth College

Today is Earth day. We want to recognize Nazareth College of Rochester for their environmental efforts or green initiatives.

This year, Nazareth College acquired the BioPro 190 as part of their efforts to help the environment. There are 18 colleges in the US using this machine. The BioPro 190 changes the frying oil used in the college’s cafeterias  to biodiesel fuel. The fuel is then used to run the diesel vehicles and lawn mowers on campus. Nazareth College is the only college in the region that is making their own biodiesel fuel.

As Bob Sanderson, Nazareth Grounds Manager, said: “It’s really not about economy for Nazareth College. It’s about ecology.”

I hope this inspires other local and national colleges and universities to follow on Nazareth’s footsteps!

PS: I just hope it doesn’t smell like french fries when they’re driving the cars or lawn mowers or they’re going to want to run to the cafeteria to get some as it happened to me while doing this post! 🙂

6 Responses to Changing Old Fryer Oil to Biodiesel Fuel @ Nazareth College

  1. Jaschira says:

    I just saw on RNews that students @ U of R made their own machine to create biodiesel fuel for their buses. They also collaborated with Nazareth College to reach the same goal.

  2. Raymond Gendron says:

    I saw your video and was curious about running straight heated vegetable oil ,, it was said that their is to many fatty acids that plug up the engine , I was wondering if you could elaborate on that ,, Thanks Ray

  3. I bring this initiative to our Institute, but I do not know how to do, since we are in Brazil. Somebody could help me that? I am not responsible for a covernamental Institute, the Institute Eco & Action

    Quero trazer esta iniciativa para nosso intituto, mas não sei como fazer, já que estamos no Brasil. Alguem poderia me ajudar nisso? Eu sou responsável por um Instituto não covernamental, o Instituto Eco&Ação.

  4. jaschiram says:

    Raymond and Rodrigo,

    You can contact the sustainability team at Nazareth College with any questions by leaving a message using this contact form:

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  6. Sheryn E Burnette says:

    Do you know anybody that picks up used fryer oil?

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