Busy Parents CAN explore Science with their children!

timelapseScience Matters (formally known as Building a Presence) has posted a useful article detailing how busy parents can share scientific discoveries with their busy children. The bottom line is: we live in a world whose phenomena can be explored through science (and math!). Here are tips for you to try:

  1. See science EVERYWHERE (spring is a great time for outdoor observations)
  2. Lead science and math-based family conversations… your interest will develop your child’s
  3. Encourage children equally, and create fun learning opportunities at home
  4. Visit informal educational centers such as zoos, museums, and aquariums… even better, call your local town or city facilities and see if you can schedule a family tour (kids seem to love waste water treatment plants)
  5. Connect learning with your job, your spouses job, your brothers job, etc. When kids see a connection, they’re more likely to be interested.

Here are a few science experiments I have done with my own nieces and nephews with simple kitchen ingredients:

  • Baking soda and vinegar: feel the reaction take place… it’s literally cool; signifying an endothermic reaction
  • Baking soda and vinegar in a closed container: use caution… solids and liquids will combine to form an expanding gas
  • Cornstarch, water and food coloring: is it a solid, liquid, or gas?
  • Try taking time-lapse photography in the spring: take one picture every day of a growing or blooming plant

Enjoy science today!

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