The Science of Holiday Eating

January 8, 2009


This morning, National Public Radio outlined several biological changes overeating may cause in our bodies. Even if guilty of such indulgences, an awareness of them will help curb the pattern instead of prolonging it into the new year. Here is a summary of what Patti Neighmond, NPR corespondent said:

  1. Overeating interrupts internal clockworks: you may not sleep as well, and are prone to midnight snacking.
  2. A diet full of sugary foods will send your body mixed signals: an increase in the amount of “hormones and metabolic processes” confuses your body and can result in dramatic changes of blood sugar levels.
  3. Your stomach may be confused: repeated overeating wares out tissues located at the top of your stomach. These tissues sends a signal to the brain that your stomach is full… tired tissues do not send the message, and consequently, you may not know you are full.

When recovering from holiday celebrations, stop and think of the sciences behind your body: anatomy, biology, chemistry, etc. The intricate connection of individual body systems functions best when fueled with healthy foods and drinks. Celebrate January with a fresh salad! Raise your fork high and celebrate science with each bite!!!