What’s in Store for Education Under President-Elect Obama?


The NSTA recently published a report detailing what President-elect BarackObama will bring to education, listing, “expanded federal preschool programs, scholarships to college students and to professionals from other fields who promise to pursue careers in teaching, more funding for charter schools, an expanded federal role in teacher pay, and changes to No Child Left Behind” among his top priorities. How do these goals fit in with what you are doing in education?

A November 12th article from Education Week cites growing economic concern as a challenge Obama will have to overcome in order to gain support for his reforms in education -which could allocate nearly $30 billion-, but the way he sees it, education is a long-term investment that will help the American economy bounce back. The president-elect plans to renew NCLB, and separately, to increase funding for pre-K programs. He has also made public his support of connecting teacher’s salaries to their ‘years of experience and levels of educational achievement’.

A week earlier, an article in the New York Times blog Dot Earth was published entitled, “Science Advice for the Next President”. This article focuses on the importance of assigning a White House science adviser (belonging to the Office of Science and Technology Policy; OSTP) as soon as possible. This president-appointed position has been served by Dr. John H. Marburger over the last eight years, and will likely change with the new president. The New York Times has published a letter to Obama that calls for an immediate appointal to assure a smooth transition for the future of science and technology in the new administration; now, more than ever, the article asserts, technical advise is needed.

To date, no news of a new appointee has been heard, although, Barack Obama is scheduled to formally announce some new members of his cabinet later this morning. What advise would you give to the new appointee? In what direction do you see Science and Technology moving in the future?


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