The Future- Revisited


Last Monday we blogged about a presentation given by Zach Kaplan and Keith Schacht at TED’s annual conference in 2005. After a little research, this is what I found out about their proposed ‘Six Products of the Future’

  1. Squishy Magnets” -These were developed and marketed by the Taica Corporation as part of their XGel product line. The company sells the material that is used for pen grips, medical equipment, and machines, but is yet to market a product that uses the soft, squishy magnet, or to sell it from their website. However, there is an application for a trial size that can be found on the main page
  2. 10-ft Pole” – I could not find any information about the use Keith and Zach mentioned of the pole by the US Army, but did find a similar 8-foot pole listed on a magicians website. It does not unfold quite the same as the one used in this presentation, but is equally surprising.
  3. Dry Liquid” – The liquid described in the video was manufactured by 3M. A search of their website showed a surprisingly extensive list of innovations.
  4. Bendable Plastic“- As for the idea of a bendable, shapeable plastic, it looks like a product called Wiggle Wonder has been winning a number of awards for it’s innovative ‘moves’
  5. Detectable Ink“- This search provided no results. I guess those of us hoping for the automatic conversion of information from paper to electronic text the presenters discussed will have to wait!
  6. Oder-detecting Ink” Again, unfortunately for those of us who were excited by the prospect of never smelling spoiled milk again, this product is not yet on the market. Perhaps some of today’s students can look into the invention of such a system!

If you hear or see of any applications of the materials described above that I have missed, click on “Add Comment” and let us know… we would love to hear about it!

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