Using Sand in Your Classroom

Browsing through my feeds I found an article on sand from Andrew Alden, a Geology Guide. As I was reading, it made me think about projects that could be done with sand in a science class, from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Some projects I thought about are: an art project in primary school, a report on what sand is used for in middle school, doing something with sand in the chemistry lab in high school.

This also reminded me of the sandblasting that young visitors can do at the Corning Museum of Glass.

The article Here’s Sand in Your Eye answers questions such as this:

– What is considered sand?

– What is sand made out of?

– What does sand form or make?

– Does sand make sound?

These are questions that a teacher could ask students to do a short report on.

What other sand projects do you think your students could do?


One Response to Using Sand in Your Classroom

  1. aschlag9 says:

    Great article! This post reminded me of a video clip I saw earlier this week about “hydrophobic sand”… it never gets wet! The video is about half way down the page:

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