Build a Bridge from the Safety of your own Computer Screen

ATTENTION Aspiring Engineers: Build a Bridge from the Safety of your own Computer Screen

West Point Bridge Design is a fun and easy way to experiment with bridge design and building. Visit the site, West Point Bridge Design Contest to download the software free! You can enroll in the contest, or remain anonymous and practice for your own enrichment. Here’s how:

choose a version

choose a version

  1. Go to the site and click on the “download” button
  2. Choose a Version to download
  3. Run the quick installation and you’re ready to go!

I have used version WPBD 4 and it is pretty intuitive. The user is able to build a bridge from a template, or create their own design. Choose which materials to build with in order to accommodate different weights and price ranges. Click on the moving truck to test your bridge, and then on the rulers to go back to the planning phase.

Let us know what you are scoring! My bridge currently costs $4,436 and I am on iteration 45. Remember, these values are for WPBD4.


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