Science & Math at the Collaboration Event

RAC-CEMS’ Collaboration Event is next week!  As a Graduate Assistant for the Center, I am excited to hear all the ideas people are coming together to share.

Flying WILD will be sharing their goals, as well as presenting examples of community resources and a sample activity.  These resources should be especially handy for teachers who take part in problem and community-based learning units.

Also, as I am part of Nazareth’s Hybrid program, I am interested to see what Christine Richter says about Professional Learning Communities.  Teachers, as a community of learners, have much to share with one another… which is exactly what the Collaboration Event is all about!

Visit this link to learn about all of the workshops at the RAC-CEMS Collaboration event.

You are sure to be inspired.

One Response to Science & Math at the Collaboration Event

  1. SMisco says:

    I can’t believe that the Collaboration Event is already next week – it sounds like it will be great (looking through the list of available workshops, I am so sad that I had to move out of the area and will not be able to attend!). I can’t wait to read about how it goes on the RAC-CEMS blog/website!

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