Go Take a Hike!

As the weather starts to get sunnier and warmer (knock on wood!), check out the Cumming Nature Center down in Naples, NY!  The Nature Center provides guided walking tours every Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 2pm, or you can explore the 6 miles of walking trails through the woods and wetlands at your own leisure!

What are some of your favorite spring activites in the Rochester Area?  Share them below!


3 Responses to Go Take a Hike!

  1. Sara says:

    One of my favorite Spring activities in Rochester is the Lilac Festival!

  2. Bob Iveson says:

    Another nice spring activity is, of course, graduation, and all the opportunities and successes that implies. Happy to have you guys visit yesterday!

  3. smisco says:

    Graduation was my favorite part about the spring, too! I am just excited to have a chance to check out different parts of Rochester now. I went to the Strong Museum of Play today (which is always so much fun to check out their amazing exhibits), and our visit to Wards Natural Science yesterday was just as interesting! I loved hearing the stories about all the great work that you guys do in the area (and around the world!).

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