Gaming and Science

Education Week posted an article this week about how to build gaming into science education.  The author writes that “science is especially well suited for gaming because the subject stems from curiosity, inquiry, and investigation—fundamental qualities also shared by successful computer games.”  One such example can be found at,  where students gather science clues while solving a mystery.  Each mystery comes with a learning objective, vocabulary glossary, standard correlations, and “mission logs” for students that act as guided notes.

Many researchers have stated that today’s students learn quite differently than their teachers did, and gaming is one great way to engage and excite students about science.

Why do you think that such a large number of teachers are reluctant to integrate these new teachnology strategies into their classrooms?  What type of training would schools have to provide to make teachers comfortable in trying these new techniques out?


One Response to Gaming and Science

  1. rockhound81 says:

    Personally i think many of the teachers that would be reluctant are so because they have fallen increasingly behind the times in terms of technology itself. It is probably a pride issue that is inherent in our nature as human beings. Frankly, there are teachers in my district that struggle with the concept of an online grade book let alone intergrating tech into direct instruction or web based learning. Although i advocate the use of technology quite regularly i often times question what some of the negative impacts of the strict use of technology may have on reading and writing in the long run. As far as schools educating their educators it may come right down to hiring new staff that is more tech literate than the administration itself. For many smaller poorer districts this could prove to be quite challenging.

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