Education Week Chat: Where are the ‘T’ and ‘E’ in STEM?

On April 9th Education Week hosted a live chat focusing on the lack of quality engineering and technology education in today’s schools.  Guest chatters included Yvonne Spicer, director of the National Center for Technological Literacy, based at the Museum of Science in Boston; Mary Ann Wolf, executive director of the State Educational Technology Directors Association, and Raymond V. Bartlett, co-director of Strategies in Engineering Education, K-16.

Topics of discussion included whether engineering is built into most science activities (whether we call it “engineering” or not), the differences between technology education and educational technology, the use of student laptops in schools, using technology to possibly decrease the student drop-out rate, teacher preparatory programs, meeting NCLB goals, the digital divide, funding, and much more!

Click here to view the full chat transcript (note: you may need to register for a free Education Week account).  What STEM related issues do you face in your classroom each day?  How teachers ensure that they are hitting the “T” and “E”?


One Response to Education Week Chat: Where are the ‘T’ and ‘E’ in STEM?

  1. lokesh says:

    Give the more focus on whether & save life.

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