Education Week Celebrates STEM!

The online magazine Education Week is focusing on STEM Education with Technology Counts 2008: STEM: The Push to Improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Check out the detailed state reports on STEM and featured stories, including Learning to Teach with Technology and Finding Kernels of Scientific Sense.


What are some other ways that we can make STEM subjects exciting?


One Response to Education Week Celebrates STEM!

  1. I appreciate the efforts Education Week put into the article about the importance of STEM education and the deserved attention it is finally receiving across the country. The problem lies in the understanding of what the T in STEM is about. Technology includes all aspects of the human made world, not just computers and information techology. Areas in technologcial studies inclulde energy and power, transportation, communication, agricultural and biotechnical, construction, and manufacturing technologies as well as information techology,

    The essence of technology is the design process. It is the method used by engineers to identify and solve a problem based on math and science concepts. Technology education (the study of the human-made world) and educational technology (the use of computers and multimedia as educational tools) are related but each have distinct concepts, skills, and capabilities that students (and others) need to learn and use to be technologically literate in an ever-changing world.

    For further discussion of technology education and the designed world, please look at reference materials on the International Technology Education Association’s website ( ITEA is the professional organization for technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators. For more information on the meaning and importance of technological literacy for our students, refer to the ITEA PDF entitled ” An Educational Imperative”, available for download at


    Robert Claymier
    Technology Is Elementary

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