STEM Summer Teaching Institutes

The Center for Excellence in Math and Science is pleased to sponsor six high-quality professional development Institutes for K-12 teachers.  Each Institute will be led by regional college faculty in a challenging one or two-week session.  Institutes will be comprised of classroom sessions and may include lab or field experiences, followed by a variety of interactions with instructors and colleagues during the school year. 

Courses include Inquiry in Earth Science (Gr. 6-8), Mathematics, Science, and Technology (Gr. 5-8), Biotechnology (Gr. 7-12), Finger Lakes GIT Ahead (Gr. 6-12), Exploring Algebraic Patterns and Relationships through the use of Videocases (Gr. 5-12), and Inquiry-Based, Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Literacy (Gr. K-6).


Download the STEM Institutes Brochure here, or visit the RACCEMS website for full course descriptions and information for how to register!

One Response to STEM Summer Teaching Institutes

  1. pat viele says:

    I am very happy to know about the RAC-CEMS organization.

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