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January 28, 2008

According to Philanthropy New Digest, Bill Clinton announced that the Clinton Global Initiative will work with college campuses in an effort to a “convene students, academics, and social, political, and cultural leaders to discuss global problems and ways to bring about action to solve them.”  These meetings will focus on getting today’s young adults involved in major national and world-wide controversies.  The Clinton Global Initiative also encourages universities to connect and focus on becoming active on topics together.  

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“Today’s college students have an unprecedented capacity to make a difference, both in their communities and half a world away,” said Clinton.   What can we as educators, no matter what grade level or subject we teach, do to encourage our students to make a difference?  Rather than just discussing current events, how can we convince our students to make strides, big or small, towards making the world around them a better place, to stand up for something that is important to them?