Ewwww, Gross!!!

Another Rochester area museum has an exhibit grand-opening this week! The Strong National Museum of Play is now hosting Grossology – The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body, based on the Grossology books by Sylvia Branzei. According to the Strong Museum, “Grossology helps guests of all ages better understand how the human body works, and what we can do to help it function better and in a more healthful manner.”  Exhibit highlights include Nigel Nose if All, Skin Clumbing Wall, Burp Man, Vomit Center, and Y U Stink.

(image borrowed from strongmuseum.org)

Have you read the Grossology books, or have you visited the Strong Museum to experience them in person?  Let us know!


One Response to Ewwww, Gross!!!

  1. Sara says:

    I have the book and my elementary-aged kids love it. Kids just gravitate towards the gross and it makes them giggle. It asks why we burp, why our nose runs, why we smell, what are pimples and other fascinating questions and answers them in technically correct but kid-friendly ways. What a wonderful creative way to get kids interested in the science of the human body. We can’t wait to go see this exhibit!

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