That Ain’t Gonna Hold Us Back, Girls!

We wanted to join in congratulating Mr. Colosi’s first grade class in winning a $15,000 technology classroom makeover from Interwrite by submitting this amazing video about getting girls involved in technology!

 Click below to view the award winning video!  All video submissions can be viewed on the Interwrite website!

To quote Mr. Colosi’s class,

 “Studies show that technology has become the new “boys club.” but the students in Mr. Colosi’s first grade class intend to reverse that trend—these girls share their love of technology as a part of their future endeavors. The benefits of using technology in the classroom are endless, and in the future it will be important that our digital learners are represented by both genders. Sung to the tune of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” these six-year-old students embrace the available equipment, enthusiastically share some ways they use technology in the classroom, and offer an empowering message of hope to female students. In conjunction with the internet, new technology would further allow Mr. Colosi’s class to spread this optimistic and collaborative message to students around the world.”

Do you know of any Rochesteer Area teachers that have gone above and beyond in the areas of Math, Science, and Technology?  Let us know!  Also, be sure to check back next week for more discussion on what we can do to close the gender gap in STEM subjects!

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