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On January 18th visit the Rochester Museum & Science Center for the grand opening of two new Expedition Earth galleries: An Ever Changing Planet, and You and Your Earth.  These expansions feature exhibits and hands-on activities that allow visitors to examine what Rochester was like millions of years ago and how human evolution has affected the area.  This is a great opportunity for students (and adults!) to learn about how their actions can impact the environment. 

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Click here to read a complete article about the exhibit from Rochester City Newspaper, or visit for teacher resources and museum information!

The RMSC has been an integral part of the Rochester community for almost a decade.  Do you have any RMSC memories to share, whether as a teacher or parent (or maybe from your own childhood)?


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  1. Ξ says:

    One of the things that impresses me about the RMSC is that even though it contains plenty to interest our kids, there is also a lot that I personally find interesting. The upper floors have had a lot of math and science activities that I’ve never seen before: a plastic rod that becomes invisible when submerged in a clear liquid, strange pictures that suddenly make sense when viewed in a curved mirror, a straight spinning stick that passes through a curved (hyperbolic) slit.

    (I’m also fond of the Whisper Parabolas right outside the museum!)

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